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Experience the joy of both skiing and skating while you SKIATE!!


Snow fields and the winter breeze make this leisure sport fun!

It is called SKIATE.

You can use your skating techniques on ice & road and ski at the same time!

SKIATE is a combination of skiing and skating. 

This leisure sport is becoming more popular these days and there is even a community for SKIATE lovers.


SKIATE is the World Best Unique Winter Sports since 1995.

SKIATE [skieit]

A combination of skiing and skating


Fall in to Skates

5 year old boy experienced 'sliding' for the first time with his 12 year old sister's roller skates.

In winter he went to the frozen field with his sisters and rides ice skates for the first time.

The boy went to elementary school and got roller skates as a gift. he went every where with it.

Was it a fate? he got in to the middle school with indoor roller skating park.

The boy enjoyed roller skating every weekends and in winter times he road ice skates until the park was closed.  


The boy grew up to be a high school student.

His first inline skating was mind blowing experience for him. it was very fast, smooth, and quiet.

it was a revolution. roller skate's era ended and new era of inline skates came.

The boy, like other high school student in Korea, went to a library after school for more studying. But he came out of library one hour earlier then other students to ride inline skates every day. By looking at him sleeping, his parents most thought he studied very hard until library was closed.

The boy went every where with his inline skates. he even went to school trips with it. he went to amusement park to ride inline skates. to him rides in amusement park was no fun.


After exam for university and few days before university entrance ceremony the boy received 100,000 won for shoe. with that money he bought a shoe, one with the wheels. shoe that is bigger then his feet, he bought it only because it looked cool. used shoe that he wouldn't even wear it now, he rode it to school every day.

From his home to campus and to his class room he ran with the shoe with wheels. And when he was late for class it was fastest shoe in the world. he wore his shoe every where, to class, to cafeteria, to his circle room, even to washroom.

after he got in to university he became a real roller boy and lived his life for skates.

SKIATE begins

In 1998 winter, the first winter for the boy after he became university student. he remembered times when he was in high school, memories of skiing which was no fun and just hard for him. So he created something he sketched in class when he was 17 years old and put it on to his shoe. inline skate with no wheels, instead it has edges like ski.


First ride wasn't easy, because it didn't move like skates he use to ride. But after few rides with it he figured out new ways to ride this invention. Even though the boy wasn't rich enough to go to ski resorts every day, with helps from his good friends it was possible. He rode his invention every day to fix it's problems and shapes.

When there is a lot of snow, the boys didn't go to ski resorts. instead he took his invention out to his neighbor hood and rode it like a skates. it's not only a dog who get exited when snows, the boy too. Few years with his invention, the boy repeated disassembling and reassembling it to find out easier ways to ride it and improve it. When the boy stood on the snow and rode his invention like a skate, it moved like one. Finally he created ski that can move like skates, skate that can run down the hills of snow.


There is not a thing that has no name in this world. We even name our babies when they are born. the boy wanted his invention's name to be meaningful, easy to call and memorize. Even though he could have gone to the naming place, but he wanted to name it him self. Formula for it's name was SKI+SKATE=SKIATE. Ski father and Skate mother met and made a baby named Skiate. 

SKIATE! Shout out towards the world

The boy was invited to 2006 Seoul international invention exhibition and Republic of Korea licensed invention exhibition as a excellent invention to exhibit SKIATE. Many skating experiences, such as, riding up the raining Do-Bong mountain, running up the stairs, 2 weeks of riding across Korea, one month trip to Europe, and 42km marathon with skate, riding backward helped drawing blue print of future SKIATE.

As the boy got more scars on his body and as his used up wheels and bearings pile up, his ideas for SKIATE also piled up.


As time goes on the boy realized experiences pile up to be a wisdom. in 2010 SKIATE was invited and exhibited on world leisure general assembly and championship which is called as Olympic of leisure sports.


The boy is still challenges to find new fields of winter sports.

The boy wishes for the time we can Skiate at 'Pyeong-chang Skiate resort', 'Whistler Skiate resort'.

The boy dreams of days when we can see Korea born ski; Skiate any where in this world we live in.


Dreams must come. ​

The boy who loves to skate,   Jiha Yi 

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